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I Caraviaggianti, world premiere at Umbria Jazz with the Foundation

The world premiere of "I Caraviaggianti" will be held on Friday, July 13. It's an original production made by Umbria Jazz and Tadaam in collaboration with the Italy China Foundation. The work will be premiered on the opening day of the Umbria Jazz Festival at the Teatro Morlacchi in Perugia.

"I Caraviaggianti" is a project created by Rita Marcotulli who also wrote the music, performed by the same Roman pianist with a band of excellent musicians of different nationalities: the Japanese Mieko Miyazaki, the Mexican Israel Varela, the Norwegian Tore Brunborg, the Franco-Algerian Michel Benita, the Italians Michele Rabbia and Marco Decimo.

The texts are by Stefano Benni, while directing and visual designers have been entrusted to the Milanese studio Karmachina.

It is more than a concert, a multimedia work in which music, words, images combine to create visions and suggestions around the figure and the masterpieces of Caravaggio. A work that, through instruments and arias, moves in a transversal and free way through jazz, classical and contemporary music, and electronics. A tribute to the art of a genius and at the same time to Italian art.

A visionary journey among the seductive and hard figures of Caravaggio, who left nothing to write, neither letters nor diaries, because he is what he paints. A concert of instruments and arias, playing with classical, jazz, contemporary music and electronics. A Music that stops, listens, leaves room for vision and speech.

A show declined in a journey through the whole art, which in its various forms and languages, brings us closer to the ineffable to remain unforgettable.

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